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Extra Coins is a free auction site for coins and currency only, Only verified U.S Coin Dealers are permitted to list items for auction/sale. We verify each dealer on the site to ensure that our shoppers have a great experience and can trust that they are dealing with professionals. It's a great resource for Coin Dealers and Shoppers alike.

We do not charge final value fees or commissions.
The site is free to use for U.S. Coin Dealers

  • Buy Now : Free
  • Make Offer : Free
  • 12 Listing Images : Free
  • Reserve Price : Free
  • Listing Insertion : Free
  • Listing Subtitle : Free
  • Listing Media : Free
  • Final Sale Transaction Fee : Free

We have to charge for the following. If we didn't, every listing would look the same.
Home Page Featuring : $0.50
Additional Category Listing : $0.25
Highlighted Listing : $0.25
Category Pages Featuring : $0.25

Our service will let you sell your coins without paying high ebay and paypal fee's. Using this site allows you to save 11-15% right from the start.
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